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Hello, I am Leni.

I am a magic finding, story-telling, chocolate-loving Yogi & nature lover.

And I am a Creator, Shamanic Healer & certified Yoga Teacher.

I believe that it is time to live the life you want. The energies on our beloved planet right now, allow us to transform ourselves. We have this unique opportunity to find true wisdom within us.

I work with people, who want to go deeper, no matter where they stand on their spiritual path right now.

I help them to bloom from within and express themself fully and joyfully.

What others say


   Your meditations are the real deal.                                    She radiates love and light.

recommend Leni with all my heart because I am so deeply touched by her work.

She touched my life with her magic.

         My life is transformed.

I am so grateful that I found her. She poured all her magic over me.

Work with me


It is time to stop believing and start experiencing. Join me for a Retreat, a Ceremony or a Course. Dive into the world of Shamanism and profound spirituality. They are powerful spaces for transformation within you.

Healing Session

Heal your old wounds to blossom as your true self. These wounds can show as depression, repetitive relationship patterns or chronic illness. Get a piece of your soul back - heal yourself. Become whole again and live your life with full power.


Go on a transformational 6-month journey and move towards your own potential and grow spiritually. Expand your consciousness, grow your self-awareness and lift your energetic vibration. Find your ideal lifestyle to blossom spiritually.

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