About me

It was clear to me early on that I had to shape my life according to my own ideas in order to be able to fully develop my energy. After a long period of darkness and depression, I found my way back into the light. I started with shamanic healing work for myself and later also for others. Other energetic healing methods were added, which I use in addition. Thus I can offer a holistic and profound experience.

I was always a loner and felt comfortable in this role. In recent years, however, I have felt the need to share my experiences and let energies flow between people. I would like to help people so that they can live again in harmony with themselves and Mother Earth. Only those who live from the heart can heal.


Shamanism, Yoga, Ayurveda, and creativity are essential parts of my life and as such integrated into my everyday life. My journey has taken me to many different corners of the world (America, Africa, India, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe), but I have always found that my true home lives within me and travels the world with me. The last few years I spent most of the time in India, where I also met my husband Nipun. Together we offer yoga teacher trainings and shamanism courses. We unite our strengths and energies to convey spirituality and connectivity to the primal energy.

  • » Founding of the Yoga and Shamanism Ashram in South Sweden (2020 Sweden)
  • »Work at Yoga School and Healing Center Yog Temple - since 2016 (Austria & India)
  • » Shamanic educational journey - April 2016, August 2017 (Himalaya, India)
  • » Ayurveda Training in India - November & December 2015 (India)
  • » Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India - October 2015 (India)
  • » Graduation (BA): Interpersonal Communication (Salzburg, Austria)
  • » Training Basic Kinesiology & Psychoenergetic Kinesiology - February to July 2015 (Austria)
  • » Shamanism graduation course - November 2014 (Austria)
  • » Radiesthesia and rune training - October 2014 (Austria)
  • » Shamanic educational journey - August 2014 (Morocco)
  • » Reincarnation Advanced Training - June 2014 (Austria)
  • » Reincarnation Therapy Basic Training - March 2014 (Austria)
  • » Shamanism Deepening Course - October 2013 (Austria)
  • » Shamanism Advanced Course - May 2013 (Austria)
  • » Shamanism Basic Training - March 2013 (Austria)

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