Shamanic Energy Work

Shamanic Energy Work

Through drumming I reach a shamanic state of consciousness. This enables me to recognize and dissolve energetic imbalances and blockades. Through shamanic treatment the energy can flow freely again and the body's own healing power is activated.

A big part of the shamanic work is the soul retrieval. Through psychological or physical traumas a part of the soul can split off. One then no longer feels 'complete'. You often hear: "She hasn't been the same since the accident." All these are signs of soul loss. With the help of my spiritual helpers and guides, I can locate the lost soul part and bring it back. In this way, the client regains his full strength.

Soul Occupancy is a term which describes that another souls or soul parts of another person cling to the client. This person often feels as if someone is sitting on his neck or is constantly looking over his shoulder. With the help of a shamanic treatment I can solve this occupation, transmit possible messages and if necessary support the occupating soul on its journey into the afterlife.

In all methods I work together with my spiritual teachers and my power animals. A power animal can not only help a shaman, but every human being. These spiritual beings support us in every situation and are always at our side. You can get to know your power animal in a shamanic session and connect energetically with it.

Possibilities of shamanic energy work

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Extraction of soul occupations
  • Power animal search and energetic connection with the power animal
  • Solving of energy blockages
  • Chakra cleansing
  • Return to former lives (reincarnation)
  • Activate self-healing power
  • Reconnection to the earth energy and the divine

My Goal

With my work I support people on their path of self-healing and self awareness until they completly completely regained their strength. With shamanic energy work works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Procedure & Costs

After a conversation in which the topic and the procedure are discussed, the energetic healing work begins. With my drum I reach a deeper state of consciousness and can ask for help, receive instructions and direct the energies in the other world together with my spiritual teachers and power animals.

How many sessions are necessary depends on the client and the subject. Usually the best results are achieved with three sessions. In the first session the healing process is set in motion. In the second session the healing process is deepened and in the third session the achieved results are reinforced.

One session lasts about 60 minutes.

€70,- per session

Discount is possible upon request.


I do not offer healing treatments to solve medical or therapeutic problems. These are reserved for psychotherapists and doctors. I offer shamanic energy work, which is aimed at harmonizing the energy field of the body. I do not make diagnoses and do not make healing promises. Therefore a shamanic session with me does not replace a visit to a doctor.

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