Home smudging


Home smudging

Home smudging: Every corner of the earth has a history. So every plot of land, every house, and every apartment carries information and energy. This energetic footprint of the past often burdens the residents.
Energy is left behind, especially after a change of residence, after a fight, after accidents or outbursts of rage. We often do not feel comfortable in the rooms, quickly become tired or even ill. Poor sleep is also a sign of an energetic imbalance.
By smudging the house, the business premises, or the apartment, these disturbing energies are removed. New, pure energies can move in again. Well-being is strengthened, relationships improve and space for new things is created.
People all over the world have been practicing smudging for thousands of years. Especially the primitive peoples of the earth appreciate the energy of the incense. We can protect space, people, and animals through the ritual burning of dried herbs, berries, and resins. Smudging works on all levels: physical, mental, and spiritual.







When should you smudge your home?

Especially when moving to a new home, during renovation and after serious illness and death, home smudging is advisable. Even if there are ongoing troubles in the partnership or relationship I recommend a thorough smudging of your own four walls. The stagnant energy can then flow freely again and communication improves.

What is it good for?

Smudging of private space

    • A relaxed and peaceful atmosphere
    • Better living energies
    • Restful sleep
    • Improved communication
    • Protection of residents
    • Peace, relaxation, and strength in everyday life


Smudging of business space

    • A Harmonious atmosphere in everyday working life
    • Productive working atmosphere
    • Satisfied employees
    • Stronger team spirit
    • Better cash flow
    • Promoting efficiency
    • Promotion of creativity


Smudging of  Kindergartens and Schools

    • Harmony and tranquillity
    • A peaceful get-together is encouraged
    • Better ability to concentrate








  • under 80m² - € 100,- (1200kr)
  • under 180m² -  € 180,- (2000kr)
  • more than 180m² - Price upon request

Prices include a preparatory consultation and all materials Travel costs extra (€0,42/km - 4kr/km) I look forward to your message or your call!

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