Why I am no feminist and think feminism is stupid

Today I want to talk about feminism. Women mostly attend our yoga classes in Austria, and this is where it becomes a topic again and again. Many spiritual women are strong advocates of feminism.

But I am instead a strong advocate against feminism. You have to understand that feminism is a one-sided thing. Right now, our world is dominated by men. If feminism were successful, the world would be dominated by women. For some, this may be the goal. They think women are more sensitive, and everything would be better under the rule of women. But that would also be a one-sided leadership.

We need both forces

It is not about making the world male or female. We need humanity. Only through humanity will we move forward. Only through humanity are we human. You must understand that even within yourself, you have both aspects: masculine and feminine. Every person is made up of female and male parts. Some men are more feminine, and some women are more masculine, but everyone has both components.

Shiva: Half man, half woman

Shiva symbolises this very well. He is the most masculine god of all, and even he has both powers within himself: Shiva – Shakti. This is mostly misunderstood. Shiva is a person who carries both aspects in him. So the most masculine god is also half a woman. Understand that not gender is essential, but humanity.


The reign of men

The world today is under the reign of men. But getting rid of the men and bringing the women into power is not the solution. It’s about making this world a little more women-friendly. That doesn’t mean that the men have to hold the door open. It is also not about some women being insulted if someone holds the door open for them because she is a strong woman and can open the door herself. No, it’s about something else entirely.

Let’s make the world a woman-friendly place.

The world must be organised in such a way that women feel comfortable in it and are supported. They should be allowed to go to work and have the opportunity to organise themselves in such a way that they can also bring up their children. It is also about enabling women to concentrate fully on raising their children. They should not have to feel bad because they do not want to go to work. Some women want to become mothers.

Men and women are not the same.

Feminism demands that we break away from our roles. But I think these roles arose from the natural course of nature. Men and women are not the same. And that’s important because that’s why our world works. The male principle is strong, leading, logical. The feminine is the thoughtful, sensitive and feeling, the maternal. These are the differences between male and female. We should not destroy these differences but celebrate them.


Not a female world, but a human world

The problem of feminism is that it is this a violent intrusion into a male-dominated world. It’s not about invading the male world. We should change the world as it is now so that it is also possible for women to live out their energies freely. Partly this is already happening. Slowly and steadily, we must continue on the path we are already on. This path leads us to a humanitarian world. I am therefore allergic to the term “feminism”. I do not want a woman-led world, but a world in which ALL PEOPLE decide where to go – men and women. We need both aspects!

Start with yourself

Just as Shiva consists of man and woman, each person carries both aspects within him. To establish a balance of power in the world, you must, first of all, establish a balance within yourself. Balance your two sides: male and female, warm and cold, sun and moon, “Ha” and “Tha”. This is what Hatha Yoga is all about. The two sides are equalised and kept in balance. When we are in harmony, we can also bring the world into balance.

Brain before muscle

Our world is already on the way to the balance of masculinity and femininity. The male aspect is strong and muscular. Our world has already changed so much that muscle power has been replaced by machine power. Now it is no longer the strongest who wins, but the smartest. Fortunately, intelligence is equally distributed among the sexes. This means that equal opportunities are already there.



After a strong reaction to this article, I would like to clarify a few things.

Strong reactions were foreseeable and also intended (this starts with the title of the article). Of course, I am aware that such statements can cause strong emotions in others.

To clarify the word “feminism”, I would like to share a definition (there are many forms of feminism, this is only the definition of the most common form in Europe). Feminism is an “ideology and social movement that strives for equal rights for women in all areas of life and a change in the social roles of women”.

And finally, once again, why I am not a supporter of this ideology: Feminism divides us into two camps. But we have to realise that we are ONE humanity. Feminism was necessary and essential in the last decades. In many parts of the world, it is still needed today. But I think that we have reached a point in Europe where we can drop gender roles and express our HUMANITY, utterly independent of any ideology.

Change is also possible without a fight. War will never lead to peace.

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