Online – Shamanic Energywork

Online - shamanic energy work

Given the current coronavirus situation, we all need to rethink matters. As I am keeping my practice closed until further notice, I now offer the possibility to use my services online.

New possibilities

The tensions in recent years have already announced this global transformation. Now we really are at the turning point. Of course, this also means new challenges - but also new opportunities.

Fresh energy

Energetically, a hurricane is currently sweeping the world. It is no wonder that every single person is feeling these energy bursts. Because of all these turbulences, I now will offer my services online.

New paths

Since this is a completely new approach for me, I offer my online shamanic energy work for a special price of €30,- (instead of €50,-).

This includes:

  • Skype call, where you tell me about your topic
  • Shamanic energy work (you just have to lie in a qualm place and relax)
  • 2nd Skype call, where I tell you what I did and what you can adopt in your life

Make an appointment

Here you can register for an online session. I will then contact you by phone or email to discuss the details.

I will never give away your data. More you can read in my privacy policy.
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