Shamanic tattoo

Shamanic tattooing

There is the perfect place for any symbol. Don’t just get a tattoo because everyone has it.

Boost your energy. Get a magical piece of art!

Get your shamanic tattoo!


I will help you find the right design and the ideal location on your body for your new tattoo.

Forms and symbols are a magical tool of creation. Energy has a vibration. Vibration can be transformed into sound (mantra) and sounds can be transformed into symbols (yantra).
Putting symbols on our body can give us a boost, but can also harm us if done wrong.

Don’t just put ink under your skin, put life energy into your body.

Get your personal tattoo design and the exact location, which you can then take to your trusted tattoo artist to bring to life.

Fee and organization of your shamanic tattoo


In-person or over Skype we will find the ideal symbol or design for you and the best location on your body.


The history of shamanic tattoos

Indigenous cultures practiced tattooing since the beginning of time. Tattooing was a way to express one's own life journey but also to set intentions for the future. A tattoo can be a protection sign, an energy booster and it can also direct your own energies into certain areas. It can heal and it can transform your body and mind. More about the tradition of shamanic tattooing you can read in this fine article.

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