Shamanic Wedding in Sweden


Shamanic Wedding

Shamanism was practiced not only in North America but all over the world. Each people has its own millennia-old traditions. The Celts and Teutons lived in Northern Europe and their techniques were kept alive till the present day. The task of shamans today is to adapt these techniques so that they are applicable to our modern lifestyle. 

Shamanic Wedding Ceremony - Handfasting

In the wedding ceremony, you are ritually connected to one another. The ceremony gains depth through a pure, alert mind. The more intensely you get involved in the ritual, the stronger the energy becomes. Your wedding will be designed and planned by us together. Every ceremony is something very special and is therefore also individually adapted to your wishes. You can choose from an extensive range of rituals and traditions and determine the location of the celebration yourself - In our ashram in Virserum (southern Sweden), a wedding in the forest, in your own garden, or on a mountain top?


"The shamanic Wedding Ceremony moved us deeply."- Doris & Rainer


How can your Shamanic Wedding look like?

Preparations - Shamanic Wedding

Around the place of the ceremony, I create a circle of stones, flowers, or other natural materials. Your guests surround that circle. This connects the power of the four winds, the elements, and Father Heaven and Mother Earth in their midst. In preparation, I will smudge the place where the ceremony takes place with sage and charge it with positive energy. I light the ritual fire and consecrate it. Before the bride and groom appear, the guests gather around the sacred circle and are also smudged with sage. This is done discreetly and without much fuss.

Smudging - Shamanic Wedding

I also smudge the bride and groom so that both of you can enter the new bond of marriage without attachments. Then you both step into the circle together and the ceremony begins.

Welcoming words

I welcome you and your guests for this very special ceremony. I will also explain the course of the ceremony, in short, or in detail (depending on your wishes).

Inviting the spirits

With the help of drums and rattles, we call the spirits from the four winds, the elements, heaven, and earth to attend your special day and to create the right atmosphere. Your own power animals and, if you wish, your ancestors will also be invited.

Wedding speech - Shamanic Wedding

I address a few words to you and your guests. In the wedding speech I talk about the shamanic wedding ceremony, the quality of love and, if you wish, I am happy to share your love story. A family member can also do this, as it is a little more personal.

The questions of all questions

The couple is asked if they are willing to enter into this marriage of their own free will. I choose the words "Do you,  Johanna, take Fabian as your wedded husband for as long as your love lasts". Alternatives can of course be discussed.

Handfasting ceremony - Shamanic Wedding

Handfasting is an old ritual from the Scottish Highlands, in which the bride and groom are tied together with a ribbon. This band connects the forces of the four winds as well as the energies from above and below. Thus the power of the east, south, west, north, earth, and heaven flows into your connection, and you are united in the midst of these powers. I tie this knot over your hands and seal your marriage with it.

Symbol of your connection

After the handfasting ceremony, you can exchange rings. It is also possible to exchange something else, depending on your wishes.

Vows - Shamanic Wedding

Your vows can be spoken freely or read - it's your big day, you should be comfortable.




More Rituals for your Shamanic Wedding Ceremony

  • Sharing bread and drink
  • Incorporation of runes
  • Fire ritual
  • Exchange homemade amulets
  • Showing gratitude to mother Earth with an offering
  • .... the possibilities are endless. Every ceremony is something very special and is individually planned according to your wishes.


Fee - Shamanic Wedding

€600,- (6200kr) + Traveling expenses €0,42/km (4kr/km)



Are shamanic weddings recognized by the state?

Handfasting rituals are already officially recognized in Scotland, but unfortunately not (yet) in Sweden, Austria, and Germany. So if you value a legally binding ceremony, you must not forget the civil marriage.

If you have any questions, please write to me ([email protected]) or call (00436706074999)


The great photos were provided by the wedding photographer Alexandra Reichl.

Testimonial of one couple

When we decided to get married, it quickly became clear to us that we were looking for something different for our wedding ceremony. During our research into what would be suitable for us, we came across the possibility of a shamanic wedding ritual with Leni. The description of the ritual of this kind, the possible elements that can be incorporated and the online presence convinced us quickly to contact Leni.

Getting to know each other several months before our wedding made us feel that the chemistry was right and that we would like to conduct our shamanic wedding ritual with Leni. She informed us about which elements we can incorporate. Together we then decided that we wanted to have our ancestors with us and that we could also include our power animals. In a shamanic session with Leni beforehand, we managed to let go of the old and to meet our power animals for the first time in a very emotional way. We also decided to include a soul tree and a power stone in our ritual and to make amulets for each other as a sign of solidarity. All these things made the time shortly before the wedding a very intense one, we felt very well accompanied, not only by Leni, the connection with our power animals also strengthened us internally.

For the ritual itself, we decided on an ancient location surrounded by wood and fire. Leni contributed to the fact that our ritual was surrounded by many strong forces - she invited our ancestors, established a connection to our power animals, she activated the powers of the cardinal points and the earth and heaven. All of this could be felt very strongly in the center of the circle as if the air was vibrating. The thought of our ritual still gives us goosebumps. We felt that we were in good hands between heaven and earth and the elements and that we were allowed to feel protected. Leni accompanied the ritual with the drum, which made an incredible contribution to this intensely loaded atmosphere.

We found handfasting to be very intense and emotional. We held our right hands and Leni put a ribbon around it and tied it with a knot. The handfasting has contributed to the fact that we now see - and above all feel - a completely different or much stronger meaning behind the saying "holding hands". Holding hands now as a married couple has become a very intimate, and emotional gesture that may help us in the future and feel what connected us on our wedding day.

The shamanic wedding ritual moved us deeply. We already experienced the preparation as very intensive. We will remember the ritual itself, including its energies, and we have won Leni as a confidante. The shamanic ritual has made it possible for us, regardless of religion, to celebrate and strengthen our connection, together with the forces of our nature, the earth and the sky, and everything in between.

Doris & Rainer


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