Shamanism course in Sweden

We teach a holistic form of shamanism, which combines the core of different traditions to meet today's challenges. Everyone can learn the methods of shamanism and apply it to solve health problems - for yourself and for others. Shamanism is also a way to gain higher consciousness. Shamanic work makes it possible to see behind the veil of the visible world and to understand profound connections.




Integration of Yoga and Ayurveda

During the course, you will also learn about Ayurveda and how we can use it to heal our body and keep it healthy. Further, you will attend the morning Yoga classes with Nipun (Indian Yoga Teacher). Like this, you will gain a deep insight into this ancient way of living.

In the Shamanism Course in Sweden, you will see the world from a Shamanic perspective and get to know your power animal on a Shamanic journey. In addition, you learn techniques for earthing and centering and learn how to clean your aura and chakras. Further, you will get to know how to understand the messages of illness and how to act accordingly. You will learn how to heal yourself or others with the methods of soul retrieval and extraction work. The highlight of the week is Shamanic shadow work. With shadow work, we uncover unconscious or unwanted aspects of the self and learn to convert them positively.

Shamanism course

- 1 Week

Course Content:

  • Basics
  • The other world
  • Grounding and centration
  • Cleansing of Aura
  • Chakras
  • Alternate states of consciousness
  • Contact with your spirit animal and your spirit teacher
  • Illness and healing
  • Cleansing of an energy field
  • Soul retrieval
  • Extraction work
  • Shadow Work

Shamanism course

- 2 Weeks -

A few times a year we also offer a 2-week shamanism course. You will dive deeper into the matter and learn more methods and shamanic rituals.



  • Everything like in the one week course (see on the left)


  • Fire ceremony
  • Cleansing rituals
  • Shamanic smudging
  • Plant Magic
  • Celtic Wheel of the year and the Celtic festivals

Fees - 1 Week


Fees - 2 Weeks


Course fee includes

  • Welcome Ceremony
  • Training
  • Accommodation in Single or Twin shared-Bedroom (upon availability)
  • Course Materials
  • Certificate


Early Bird Discount: Get 50€ off on the total course fee, when you book and pay at least three months before the course starts.

Students Discount: Enrolled students get 100€ off on the total course fee. Proof of enrollment has to be provided. Not valid in combination with other discounts.

Booking details

500€ non-refundable booking amount needs to be paid at the time of registration. Money transfer charges will be paid by the student. The rest of the fee has to be paid upon arrival.

The course fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. In case of cancellation, you can reschedule for another course within 1 year of registration.

For installments or more information please contact us. ([email protected])



Shamanism CourseDatesStatus
Shamanism Course September 202028th September - 3rd October 2020Sign up now
Shamanism Course October 202026th-31st October 2020Sign up now
Shamanism Course November 202022nd-28th November 2020Sign up now
Shamanism Course December 202013th-19th December 2020Sign up now
Shamanism Course January 20212nd-8th January 2021Sign up now
2 week Shamanism Course March 202114th-27th March 2021Sign up now
Shamanism Course April 20214th-10th April 2021Sign up now
Shamanism Course May 202123th-29th May 2021Sign up now
2 week Shamanism Course June 202113th-26th June 2021Sign up now

If you don't have time to come all the way to us, you can also join our 8 weeks Online Shamanism course (inclusive 10 Skype calls with Leni)


The training takes place in our Yoga and Shamanism Ashram in Virserum / South Sweden. You can arrive via plane, train or car. Recenter yourself and enjoy the stunning nature of Swedish nature.

"I felt very comfortable with Leni. She responded to my questions and problems individually and with understanding and empathy. We worked on my fears and worries together. I was able to get rid of a lot of thoughts. I could discuss issues with her, which troubled be for quite some time now. The numerous practical exercises were great and always felt just right for the moment. I would have wished for something like this a year ago. "

- Karin, Participant

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