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Ostara – Celtic spring beginning on 21st March

Names OstarĂ»n, Eostre, Eostra, Eostar, Eostrae, Estre, Eastre, Osteria, Ostar, spring equinox, Easter, resurrection, vernal equinox Importance in the Wheel of the year Beginning of spring, beginning of the growing period Symbols egg, rabbit, ladybird, birch Colours Everything colourful (light pastel) Stones fluorite, agate, jade Keywords growing, thriving, new beginnings, fertility The origin of Ostara …

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Celtic Wheel of the Year

Shamanism was and is practiced worldwide. Its roots can be found in many traditions and peoples around the globe. I was born in Austria and therefore feel connected to the traditions of Celtic shamanism. With my family, I celebrate the festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the year and also the Hindu holidays (My husband …

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